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Instead of ordering form US-02869BG, you may order the Financial Package for $59.95.

Package US-AB3-PKG consists of the following:
US-A09789 - Demand for Payment of Account by Business to Debtor $18.95
US-03145BG - Balance Sheet Support Schedule - Inventory $16.95
US-03123BG - Line of Credit Promissory Note $18.95
US-02911BG - Customer Invoice $16.95
US-02907BG - Business Credit Application $18.95
US-02893BG - Income Projections Statement $16.95
US-02869BG - Expense Report (In your cart) $16.95
US-02868BG - Daily Cash Report $16.95
US-02850BG - Bill of Sale by Corporation of all or Substantially all of its Assets $5.95
US-02596BG - Bill of Sale of Goods or Personal Property $5.95
US-01310BG - Detailed Consultant Invoice $16.95
US-00599 - Promissory Note - Payable on Demand $18.95
US-00598 - Promissory Note with Installment Payments $18.95
Total price if you ordered these 13 forms separately: $208.35
Your cost: $59.95
Total savings: $148.40

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