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Today’s employment relationships are growing progressively more complex. As the use of e-mail and the Internet flourishes, employers are realizing they have to balance their right-to-know against their employee’s right to privacy. As the Canadian workforce continues its diversification, employers must factor human rights concerns into every employment decision. Such issues are encountered daily and are having extremely profound effects on the workplace. 

Consequently, employment law has undergone tremendous growth over the last two decades, reflecting our ever-evolving and complex organizations. Issues such as sexual harassment, duty to accommodate, human rights, wrongful dismissals, duty of good faith, and terminations are all thoroughly examined and explained in Employment Law: Solutions for the Canadian Workplace, balancing both the legal principles and the practical realities. 

Canadian employment law is based on common law and on statute law that varies substantially between federal and provincial jurisdictions. Employment Law: Solutions for the Canadian Workplace examines these various aspects, including statutory regulations for provincial employment standards, the Canada Labour Code, the Quebec Civil Code, and the increasingly dynamic field of human rights, in a comprehensive and comparative discussion. No other text offers an in-depth exploration and analysis of all these subjects in one publication. An invaluable resource, Employment Law: Solutions for the Canadian Workplace provides a clear understanding of relevant legal principles as well as quick answers to specific employment law questions. 

Included in the Guide: This manual includes guidelines for both federal and provincial jurisdictions, including Quebec, and addresses the following issues:

    Hiring process Managing the employment relationshipHuman rights (in the employment context)Policy manuals, procedures and workplace rules Privacy in the workplace: monitoring, surveillance, and testing Wrongful dismissal Personal information protection laws
The manual also features comparison tables, Do's and Don'ts, checklists, and discussions of precedent-setting cases.

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